Xleader SoundAngel 2 Gen comes with a design as a hockey puck. This is a Bluetooth speaker that you can carry anywhere without any problem. The dimensions of this Bluetooth speaker are 3.35-inch diameter, 1.38-inch height. So this round shape and the tiny size help you to carry this in a pocket easily. This is a lightweight device that only weighs 6.4 Ounces. So this is the best portable Bluetooth speaker that you can buy.

xleader soundangel 2 gen

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The Design Of Xleader SoundAngel 2 Gen 

The colors of the Xleader SoundAngel 2 Gen come as Black, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold. This is made with anodized Aluminum. So it is durable and can use for a long time. You can find the Speakers at the bottom of the device. So it delivers a sound for 360 degrees. The sound generates from this Bluetooth speaker is totally enough to fill a room.

The controls of the unit are on the top of the surface of the device. Also, it is very user friendly to control. The blue LED light under every button gives a good look for Bluetooth Speaker. All the buttons are very easy to press. So with very little touch, you can operate the Xleander SoundAngel 2 Gen Bluetooth Speaker.

xleader soundangel 2 gen review

No Shockproof/ WaterProof

But there are some cons to Xleader SoundAngel 2 Gen Bluetooth speaker. They are, this is not a shockproof device and also this is not a waterproof device. So this is not suitable for the beach poolside or the shower. This is good for home use or office use.

Power and Connectivity

Xleader SoundAngel 2 Gen is built-in with Bluetooth 5.0. But it is also working with the audio devices which have Bluetooth 4.2 too. The range of connectivity of this portable Bluetooth speaker is 33 Feet. This range will differ according to the obstructions and signal strength.

Pairing with an audio device is very simple. Just turn on the device and go to the Bluetooth settings of your audio device. Then search for new devices and select Xleader SoundAngel on the list. After the first pairing, this Bluetooth speaker will automatically pair with the audio device once it is turned on. If there is no Bluetooth connection found, then this unit will automatically shut down itself.

Apart from the Bluetooth connection, you can play music with a 3.5mm jack. This will kill the portability of the device but it is useful sometimes. Also, you can insert a Micro SD card to Xleader SoundAngel 2 Gen.

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Quality of the Sound

This Bluetooth Speaker gives Stereo Sound. Even the unit is small in size it delivers a big-time Sound quality. 5 Watt power sound engine and 40mm driver with a Subwoofer deliver you the best sound you can get from a portable Speaker.

Another best thing of Xleader SoundAngel 2 Gen is; it can receive calls when it connected to a smartphone. You can listen to the calls but you have to speak to the mic on the phone.