Victising SoundHot C6 is a portable Bluetooth speaker that has an amazing design and also it has an excellent sound as well. This is a really good portable speaker which you can carry everywhere without any hassle.

victising soundhot c6

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Victising SoundHot C6 is WeatherProof

One of the best features of Victising SoundHot C6 Bluetooth Speaker is this waterproof. This has the IP35 Waterproof certificate. Therefore, you can use this device in any watery area like Pool, beach, or even in the shower without any doubt. The rubber outer shell and the aluminum grid with the silicon coating are protecting the speaker from the water.

The other thing is this also Dustproof. So you can keep this device in any dusty surface or area. Another feature this has is it is shockproof. Therefore, it is resilient for any normal drop. When considering all of that Victising SoundHot C6 is perfect for traveling, hiking, partying on the beach, and everywhere.


Victising SoundHot C6 Bluetooth Speaker has an incredible design that is very user friendly for everyone. So you can easily take it to any place. There is an Alloy hook in this device that helps you to hang the Bluetooth speaker easily anywhere. So you can easily use this hook when you are using Victising SoundHot C6 Bluetooth Speaker in the outdoor. There is a suction cup attached to the device. This helps to attach the speaker to shower walls without any problem. When comes to the size of the portable speaker this is round and small in size. So it easily fits into any bag pocket. Therefore, it is easily portable.

victising soundhot c6 review

Battery and Power

Victising SoundHot C6 portable Bluetooth Speaker is coming with a lithium-ion battery. So the durability is very high. You can easily recharge this battery with a micro USB cable. Also, this speaker has 6 hours of nonstop playtime for a full charge. If the speaker is not in use for 15 minutes, then the device will automatically shut down. This feature helps you to save power in the battery.

Incredible Sound

There is a 5W Loud Speaker in Victising SoundHot C6 Bluetooth speaker. So it produces a very powerful sound. There is a built-in Superior chip that helps deliver an HD stereo sound from the speaker. Due to all of that you can hear a crystal clear sound even at the highest volume. Also, you can use this as a hands-free because this has a built-in mic. The play pause buttons can be used to answer and decline calls.

victising soundhot c6 portable speaker


This has built-in Bluetooth 4.2. So the pairing is much instant and works within a 33 feet range. It can easily connect with an Android smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, PC, and any audio device which has Bluetooth.


Victsing SoundHot C6 comes in 2 colors. They are green and blue.


Overall Victising SoundHot C6 portable Bluetooth speaker is compact with everything. It has quality sound, works as a hands-free, hook and suction cup for hanging, great battery life, Connects with Bluetooth, also it has a built-in radio. So this is a perfect Bluetooth speaker to buy.