Oontz Angle Solo is from the Cambridge Soundworks. They are an extremely reputed company for audio devices. This is a Bluetooth Speaker which you can carry anywhere you want easily. The best feature of this Bluetooth Speaker is you can have the Crystal Clear Sound without the annoying distortion. As this is a portable speaker it is built-in with the Bluetooth 4.2 version. Therefore, the user can connect the audio device at a 100 feet radius.

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oontz angle solo

When comes to the volume of the sound, the loudest volume is exceptional. This is unbelievable for a device like this small. However, the sound is perfect at the loudest volume too.

There are is a must feature when comes to portable Bluetooth speakers. It is Waterproofing. This Oontz Angle Solo is Rain Proof, Splash Proof, and Shower Proof. Therefore, you can use this Bluetooth speaker when you are partying in a poolside, beach or when you are showering.


The weight is a fact that every Bluetooth speaker user considers. As this Oontz Angle Solo Bluetooth Speaker is super lightweight this is super portable. You can take this device anywhere without a hassle.


Oontz Angle Solo can easily connect to your Android device, iPhone, or any other Bluetooth Audio device.

This is an amazing Bluetooth speaker that you can use to listen to all kinds of audio as you want. But the best thing is this is super affordable to a low price.

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The Oontz Angle Solo Quality Sound with Amazing Bass

Speaker gives full-range sound. The reason for it is this has a custom Oontz Solo Neodynium driver. This helps with that kind of sound.

The design of the device is very compact. But the Proprietary Passive Bass Radiator design gives the amazing Bass output from this small device which is surprising.

Surprising Loud Volume

When you turn the volume up for its maximum in Oontz Angle Solo Bluetooth Speaker you will not hear any distortion in the sound. This is a remarkable feature in this device. This has 5 watts output power and this is best for personal use.


If you need to listen to some music in a pool, beach, shower, or any dusty place this is the best for you. Because this is Rain Proof, Splash Proof, and Dustproof. If you are a traveler Oontz Angle Solo is a super device to carry with you.

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Extra Portable

Oontz Angle Solo Bluetooth Speaker dimensions are 3.9 X 2.8 X 2.75 Inches in Length Height Width. This weighs 8 ounces which are super lightweight. Also, the best thing is the full charge can give you 10 hours of playtime.

Final Tips

  • It takes just a few seconds to connect with any Bluetooth audio device.
  • Also with a 3.5mm audio cable, you can connect this speaker to non-Bluetooth devices. There is an AUX-IN jack.
  • It can have unobstructed connectivity within a 100 feet range.
  • Has rechargeable battery which can be recharged using a Micro USB Cable easily.