EWA A106 Pro is a Bluetooth speaker with an HD crystal clear sound. It is a mini size speaker which is useful for both indoor and outdoor activities.

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EWA A106 Pro

EWA A106 Pro Sound and Volume

When considering the size of the speaker, it is small in size. Can hold with the fingertips. But the surprise is it can deliver a crystal clear sound with quality bass. When you play it in a room it will fill the entire room with the sound. The reason for it is it has a high-performance driver also with a passive subwoofer. Even the size of the speakers is small but they are really powerful. It is possible for wireless streaming with your Android smartphone, iPhone, or any other audio device with Bluetooth.


The weight of the EWA A106 Pro Bluetooth speaker is 6.2 ounces. And the dimensions are the 1.89-inch diameter and 1.54-inch height. So the lightweight and the miniature design is very helpful when carrying. Also with the speaker, you will get the metal hook which can be used to hang the speaker anywhere you want. The Carrying case will help you to protect the Bluetooth speaker from any damage. Therefore EWA A106 Pro is perfect for outdoor activities like traveling, hiking, beachside, poolside, boating, shower, and many more.


This is a splash-proof and dustproof Bluetooth speaker. Therefore you can use this around any watery side like a pool or beach. Also, you can use this when showering too.

EWA A106 Pro mini bluetooth speaker

Battery Life

EWA A106 Pro Bluetooth speaker has a Lithium Polymer battery. The capacity of the battery is 700mAh. So this speaker has a playtime about 6 hours long with the full volume. Also, you can use this for 8 hours long of playtime if you use the half volume. If you charge the speaker for half an hour using a 1A charger, then you can have 2 hours of playtime.

Stylish Design

The creators of the EWA A106 Pro only thought about giving a simple but quality small portable Bluetooth speaker. So the users can easily use it any time anywhere without a problem. Therefore they just excluded some features when comparing to other wireless portable speakers. This speaker does not have a built-in microphone. Therefore, cannot be used as hands-free. Then it does not have a 3.5mm Jack. So non-Bluetooth devices cannot be connected. It has only one button for everything. You have held the button to turn on and off the device. One tap is for pause, double-tap for next song, and triple tap for the previous song.

Package Items

The package of the EWA A106 Pro is coming with the Bluetooth Speaker, Charger which is Micro USB Cable. Then the carrying case. A metal hook for hanging. User Manual for the how-to-use purpose.

EWA A106 Pro price


This is a tiny little Bluetooth speaker that you can carry anywhere without any problem. This is great with sound and bass. Waterproof. One of the best portable speakers that you can buy for a low price.